About Nortak Software

Nortak Software is a consulting company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada since 1975.


Nortak Software is committed to driving progress through cutting-edge research, groundbreaking innovation, and a passion for solving complex challenges. With a rich history in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence, pushing the boundaries of science and technology to create a better future. Our team of skilled engineers and researchers is dedicated to achieving excellence in every project, leveraging the latest methodologies and tools. Our current R&D projects endeavour to mitigate everyday traffic problems with the use AI.


Nortak Software has been providing IT services to the federal government of Canada and provincial government of Ontario as well as private sector organizations for more than 40 years.  Our background in providing technical resources stems from our primary interest and personal involvement as a management team in technology and in creating informatics solutions.  

Nortak provides complete solutions beginning with feasibility and requirements studies, leading into systems analysis, design, development and implementation, and finishing off with testing, documentation, maintenance and support.  We are experienced in many areas of IT services delivery.

As an employee-oriented company, we attract into our staff, highly competent and motivated individuals who can help us achieve our goals as a technology provider, IT integrator and solutions development expert, and as a result, we have a large database of IT resources and a strong, premier group of talented individuals who can be made available, from time to time, to assist other companies, agencies and departments with their informatics and technological requirements.

Nortak is an AWS Registered Technology Partner.


Visit us at www.nortak.com.